Wimberley Health Care Resources

Celebrating Health In Wimberley Wimberley residents have a lot to celebrate when it comes to medical care and health resources.  Rarely does such a small rural village have so many local services available to help elders stay in their homes with great care delivered to their doorsteps or very nearby. Home bound elders who have had a recent health crisis (fall, surgery, hospitalization) are familiar with the locally founded and managed Wimberley Home Health, serving this area since 1997.  Skill…

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Care and Companionship

In-Home Care and Companionship Are you suddenly faced with the total care for a loved one – a spouse or parent?   A serious or sudden illness or hospitalization can change your life overnight into a full-time primary family caregiver.  It can be a job that you may not feel qualified to perform but you know that a nursing home is not the answer.   It is normal to feel overwhelmed by the 24/7 care needs of a family member.  You…

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