In-Home Care and Companionship

Are you suddenly faced with the total care for a loved one – a spouse or parent?   A serious or sudden illness or hospitalization can change your life overnight into a full-time primary family caregiver.  It can be a job that you may not feel qualified to perform but you know that a nursing home is not the answer.


It is normal to feel overwhelmed by the 24/7 care needs of a family member.  You want to do it, you feel obligated to do it for them, but doing it alone can be frightening.

Besides the need for basic personal care and activities of daily living (shower, dressing, feeding, toileting, transferring, walking, med management), there is the need for a break for yourself.

Hiring additional part-time in-home caregiver assistance may be just the service you need to supplement your efforts.   It will be a necessary “treat”  to have an experienced “extra hand” beside you for physical and emotional support, for a break when needed, and for creating some independence for your loved one.

Companionship services are sometimes under-valued by primary caregivers.  Depression, loneliness, total dependence, and family pressures can be alleviated by additional services such as – driving to errands/shopping, playing games and conversation, social/meal/church outings, silent caring presence, etc.    Companionship assists in keeping your loved one engaged in life, interacting with a new “friend/caregiver”, and relieving your fear of leaving them alone.

It is always wise to use a licensed agency that is proven, trusted, can reliably serve your location and customize services.  The Texas Dept. of Aging & Disability Services (TDADS- 800-458-9858) licenses non-medical Personal Assistance Service agencies.


Karen Rust, owner and asst. administrator of Angels For Elders, has been serving the elderly and disabled since 1999 in Hays and surrounding counties.