Celebrating Health In Wimberley

Wimberley residents have a lot to celebrate when it comes to medical care and health resources.  Rarely does such a small rural village have so many local services available to help elders stay in their homes with great care delivered to their doorsteps or very nearby.

Home bound elders who have had a recent health crisis (fall, surgery, hospitalization) are familiar with the locally founded and managed Wimberley Home Health, serving this area since 1997.  Skill nurses, physical and occupational therapists, social workers, and aides help you through the road to recovery in the comfort of your home, provided by Medicare.

Anyone needing non-medical assistance or transportation have the locally owned and operated Angels For Elders to help them stay comfortable in their homes with an extra hand whenever desired.

Wimberley is served by four hospice companies (CTMC, Heart to Heart, Hope and Odyssey) who assist families with the transitional end-of-life care in the home.  Their services can only be fully appreciated when you and your family have been through this difficult experience of letting go of a loved one.   You could not do it without them !!

The Wimberley health care resources are rounded out by several local medical doctors, chiropractors, dentists, nutritionists, acupuncturists, 3 fitness centers, 2 pharmacies, a health food/nutrition store, a physical therapy clinic (PTRC), an emergency medical clinic, Wimberley EMS service, Deer Creek of Wimberley for nursing &  rehabilitation, Wimberley Lifecare (assisted living),

Meals On Wheels, active senior center– the list goes on and on…. there are too many to name here.

It’s no wonder Wimberley has been named one of the best small towns in the USA to retire.  Residents should appreciate these many fine local services by supporting them so they remain successful and available to everyone in the community.  Shop local !!!  Viva Wimberley and its many fine medical and home health providers !!!  For info about any of these services call Angels for Elders at 512-847-7445