POD Training 2015imagejpeg_0 (5) imagejpeg_0Would you know what to do if there was an emergency in your community?

Last month Jo Anne Mc Hazlett, Angels Administrator and Jerri Roberts, Asst. Administrator took time out of their schedule to attend a 2 day training put on by Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) and the National Emergency Response & Rescue Training Center, FEMA.  This training was developed in response to a directive by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security,

The objective of the course was to prepare participants how to respond during a natural or human-made catastrophe and prepare them on how to set up a POD (Point of Dispensing) to assist the community.

They participated in table top exercises on the planning and set-up of a POD and were given different scenarios for each group to problem solve and decide on the best set-up to meet the communities needs.  Participants included representatives from all types agencies including Emergency Management Organizations, Firefighters, Medical Workers, EMS, and social service organizations.  Watch for one of these trainings in your neighborhood and be prepared so that you can help others!