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Care and Companionship

In-Home Care and Companionship Are you suddenly faced with the total care for a loved one – a spouse or parent?   A serious or sudden illness or hospitalization can change your life overnight into a full-time primary family caregiver.  It can be a job that you may not feel qualified to perform but you know that a nursing home is not the answer.   It is normal to feel overwhelmed by the 24/7 care needs of a family member.  You…

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What is a stroke

  What is a stroke?  There are two major types of strokes: Ischemic – caused by a blood clot or the narrowing of a blood vessel leading to the brain that restricts blood flow and keeps oxygen and nutrients from reaching brain cells Hemorrahagic – caused by a broken blood vessel which results in bleeding in the brain Symptoms to watch for include:  Sudden numbness or weakness in the face, arm or leg; sudden confusion or trouble speaking or understanding;…

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If you are a caregiver then you know that feeling of being on edge and waiting for that next incident when your loved one falls or worse has a stroke or heart attack. Caregiving brings about a swirl of feelings:  fear, anxiety, frustration, guilt, impatience, stress and in some cases grief for the loss of the person you knew and love. There is no formula for navigating the maze of duties delegated to the caregiver, but there are alternatives available.…

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Walk to End Alzheimer’s

Angels for Elders staff have joined the Wimberley Walkers, a team made up of local organizations all walking to raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Association. This year’s walk will take place on Nov. 3rd in San Marcos, TX.

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