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Senior Care Services vs Home Health Care

When you or a loved one is in need of support in the home, it can be confusing to navigate all the possible options. Would home health be a benefit or is private duty services for seniors required? What is the difference between the two? Services for Seniors is a non medical service. This is recommended for individuals who need assistance performing daily activities such as bathing, driving, laundry, meal preparation and more. While it can certainly benefit those who…

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Alzheimer’s vs Normal Aging; How To Tell The Difference

When Should You be Concerned About Memory Loss? We’ve all forgotten a phone number, blanked on someone’s name, or misplaced the keys. When we were young, we didn’t pay attention to these minor slip-ups. As we grow older, we start to wonder if there is some “meaning” to a memory lapse. Is it a sign of something bigger or just normal? Aging is part of every human life, there is no escaping it. Not all changes we experience during the aging process are harmful.…

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Home Safety for The Elderly

Home Safety for the Elderly “Home is where the heart is.”  The benefits to the elderly remaining in the home as long as possible are countless. Therefore it has become increasingly popular.  However, safety concerns and risks are involved that must be addressed in order for your loved one to thrive in their own environment.   Make sure you and your loved one are aware of the potential dangers and prepare accordingly. Safety Tips Keep the home clean and free of…

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Angels for Elders & Wimberley Home Health – Now Partnering

Wimberley Home Health & Angels For Elders recently formed a partnership.  Ann Guilford, RN, and Kima Coltharp, RN, are thrilled to announce the purchase of Angels For Elders. Karen Rust, (center), was the founder and previous owner of Angels for Elders.  Karen started the agency in 1999 to provide a much needed service in the Wimberley area.   Over the years the agency has expanded and is currently licensed to provide services in 5 counties.   Ann & Kima are grateful for Karen’s dedication to providing quality…

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